"The Gun Club meets Memphis' Tav Falco drunk..."  - MOJO NIXON

“Stephen El Rey’s voice channeled the vulnerability of Roy Orbison, the sex of Elvis Presley, the raw power of Howlin’ Wolf, or the insanity of Jerry Lee Lewis. Like Lynch’s movies, Rey’s music can feel familiar, but always carries with it a more complex undertow waiting to pull you in.”   - Clinton Ross Davis, THE TROUBADOUR


San Diego Music Awards 2019 & 2020 Nominated Best Americana. 

Date Event Location
Tormenta Rey Sycamore Den, San Diego, Ca. Sycamore Den, San Diego, Ca.
The Schitzophonics Hi FI, Indianapolis, IN Hi FI, Indianapolis, IN
The Schitzophonics Cosmopolitan Hall, Cincinnati, OH Cosmopolitan Hall, Cincinnati, OH
The Schitzophonics The Auricle, Canton, OH The Auricle, Canton, OH
The Schitzophonics Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA
The Schitzophonics Pie Shop, Washington, DC Pie Shop, Washington, DC
The Schitzophonics Ottobar, Baltimore, MD Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
The Schitzophonics Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA. Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA.
The Schitzophonics TV Eye, Brooklyn, NY TV Eye, Brooklyn, NY
The Schitzophonics Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT
The Schitzophonics Alchemy, Providence, RI Alchemy, Providence, RI
The Schitzophonics Once Ballroom Lounge, Boston, MA Once Ballroom Lounge, Boston, MA
The Schitzophonics Le Ritz, Montreal, QC Le Ritz, Montreal, QC
The Schitzophonics Baby G, Toronto, Ontario Baby G, Toronto, Ontario
The Schitzophonics Dutch, Rochester, NY Dutch, Rochester, NY
The Schitzophonics Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
The Schitzophonics PJ's Lagerhouse, Detroit, MI PJ's Lagerhouse, Detroit, MI
Stephen El Rey / The Schitzophonics Liars Club, Chicago, IL Liars Club, Chicago, IL
The Schitzophonics Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI
The Schitzophonics Ice House, Minneapolis, MN Ice House, Minneapolis, MN
Check Out Stephen El Rey in the David Sims Film CAVERN Featuring Miss Erika Davies
  • Cannes Court Métrage Short Film Corner Festival De Cannes 2016
  • Official Selection 46th Annual USA Film Festival 2016

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