"A visual and audio treat that you are going to love!" - Scottie Blinn of Black Market III. 

Tormenta Rey

The 21st century duet, Tormenta Rey, tight ropes Swamp Blues and Jazz Noir. 

This avant-garde show hyper activates your eyes and ears with Stephen El Rey’s songs and Leilainia (lay_lain_ya) LoveLight’s  hypnotic trumpet and dance. 

El Rey’s vocals capture the allure of early Hollywood crooners, the vulnerability of Roy Orbison, and the raw power of Howlin’ Wolf. 

Like a David Lynch film, the juxtaposition between El Rey’s dark ballads and the light of Leilainia’s theatrical romance can feel familiar, but always carries with it a more complex undertow waiting to pull you in. 

Tormenta Rey consists of both original compositions and obscure songs from the 20’s and 30’s.

Tormenta Rey can be backed by a sextet, a full New Orleans style brass band, or a string quartet.  It can also be streamlined to the powerful vocals and guitar of Stephen El Rey as a soloist.




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